The Flomovies Entertainment Cooperation is offering you first class hypermedia of the new age, all presented on a platform of pleasure. We are proud to please the great public once more with priceless movies.

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New Release:

New movie released: Obsidian Tales Act I – Bold Habbits. Follow the storyline about Chariot Cats and the man who made a life out of following them!

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About Flomovies

The founder and creator of Flomovies is Florian Roman (1986) who lives in the Netherlands. At a very young age, he started drawing comics with a strong preference to absurdism. His drive became stronger at the moment his teacher in primary school forbade him to make comics. Especially when this teacher held one of his drawings in front of the class, proclaiming that ‘people that draw crazy puppets, don’t make any money in adult life’. The first animated cartoons where made during early high school, using windows movie maker, paint and flying colours deluxe. He didn’t have the beard in his throat yet. Inspired by flash animators like joecartoon and killfrog, the animations trancended into high quality cartoons.

Like a ripened fruit the cartoons aged well. New ones were added during the following years, but sometimes Florian was too busy making music. In 2019 he produced a Dutch hiphop album with the title ‘Ongerapt’ by De Luidsprekers. Did you know that all the music in the Flomovies cartoons is made by Flomovies as well? The arturia minimoog is a prominent instrument in the songs. By request of a sturdy fan base, Flomovies launched a new website in 2020. And this time the complete oevre is available to the hungry public.


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